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GIFiles: “Inviting another Israeli offensive against Gaza is Hamas’s worst nightmare”


In a 2008 diplomatic cable from the U.S. Embassy in Tel-Aviv, published by Wikileaks during the Cablegate revelations, since Hamas became the dominant political force in the Gaza strip Israel has considered Gaza a “hostile entity”. This status, according to Israel, gives them the right to maintain a harsh economic embargo, which at times has [...]

Israeli intelligence agent claims commandos destroyed Iranian nuclear facilities


On November 13th 2011 a series of large explosions occurred in a military facility at Bid Ganeh, 30 km west of Tehran, allegedly killing 17 soldiers from Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. Among the causalities was Major General Hassan Moqqadam, a senior official in charge of Iran’s missile development program. According to the Government the explosion was [...]

Stratfor insights on China’s bailout of the Eurozone


An e-mail from Startfor intelligence, dated November 3rd 2011 and published by Wikileaks as part of the Global Intelligence Files, reveals interesting inside information regarding China’s position on helping solve the financial crisis in the Eurozone. The source providing the intelligence, a Dogan News Agency Econ correspondent in Beijing, told Stratfor that the Chinese would [...]

Fidel Castro critizices US foreign policy in letters to Syrian Government


Documents from the Syrian Government published by Wikileaks have brought into light two letters sent to them by the Cuban political leader Fidel Castro. It is unknown if those documents were sent uniquely to Syria or to broader list of diplomatic contacts. The first letter, titled “Reflections by Comrade Fidel [on] CHÁVEZ, EVO AND OBAMA”,  [...]

Insurgent Anarchism; An Idea Whose Time Has Come – Part III

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Another world is already here. Civilization is rebooting itself! Across millions of screens and borderless online networks, peer-to-peer creativity of the people is opening the world to a new horizon. Inter-networking of egalitarian human connection is beginning to break up the hierarchy of transnational corporate structures and dissolve centralized power. Now, people are accessing unfiltered [...]

Insurgent Anarchism: An Idea Whose Time Has Come – Part II

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From Wikipedia to Bitcoin, online expressions of anarchism are constantly recreating networks through unmediated peer-to-peer connections. The anarchistic spirit of voluntary association and mutual aid cannot stem from the efforts of just one individual, but are always manifested within relationship. Clay Shirky, a consultant on the social and economic effects of Internet technologies spoke of [...]

Insurgent Anarchism; An Idea Whose Time Has Come – Part I


In this series,  Nozomi Hayase develops deep and incredibly up-to-date reflections on an entirely contemporary political phenomenon. Social movements – both on-line and off-line – are synthesized, compared and analyzed in a very elaborated fashion. Occupy, cypherpunks, peer-to-peer and whistle-blowing are elements of this the first part of Hayase’s masterpiece on Anarchism. The editors. (Part [...]

#Assange extradition case assumes a new dimension: on political leadership in the Americas and Chevron


When Julian Assange walked into the Ecuadorean embassy in London almost 60 days ago after exhausting all legal appeals in the UK, he could not have imagined the international storm the situation would create. After the UK was signaled for threatening to break into the embassy’s premises to get him, the case has turned into [...]

#Hackers, #torrents and #whistleblowers: A new culture of transparency


Photo: Adapted from Transparency tile.  17 April 2008. carol. Traditional whistle-blowing In a traditional sense, the practice of whistle-blowing was understood as the publishing of information which could normally be accessed only due to a privileged position a person held inside an organization. The information was normally filtered  in order to denounce corruption and abuse [...]

#WikiLeaks, Shattering the One-Way Mirror of Total Surveillance #TrapWire

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On August 12, the London 2012 Olympic Games closed with performances by Britain’s biggest international stars to celebrate the achievements of the world’s great athletes. The month-long hype and fever of the Olympics that grabbed world attention was finally coming to an end. The mainstream media have been in a frenzy about the Olympic events and [...]

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