Top 5 Ways To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Home

Whether you have moved into a new home or it is an old home, a cockroach infestation is a trouble for the owner. From the kitchen to your loft, cockroaches can cause your home to look dirty. They are also borne many diseases. Therefore once in a while, getting rid of a cockroach infestation can not only be helpful but is also hygienic. If you are wondering on how to get rid of cockroaches home remedies, this is your guide.

get rid of cockroaches

Deep cleaning:

Cockroaches infest pretty much everywhere they can find food. If you keep your garbage in and keep dumping garbage without throwing it out, cockroaches start infiltrating the area. Therefore a deep cleaning of your house is very necessary. When a house is spic-and-span, cockroaches would not visit the place. From dirty dishes to a pile of dirty clothes can call for proper cleaning. It is always better to remember that prevention is better than cure.


Seal up:

Coakcroaches mostly lives inside the cracks and holes in your pantry or kitchen. They are small insects and has the ability to call through even the smallest of cracks. If you are looking for how to get rid of cockroaches home remedies, one good remedy is to seal up all the cracks and the holes in the house. This would prevent the creepy-crawlies to infest your house altogether. With no place to infest, cockroaches would not be able to multiply.


The cockroach bait:

Another solution to your question on how to get rid of cockroaches home remedies, is to make a trap for these cockroaches. With boric acid and mixed powdered sugar, one can make a great cockroach trap. The powdered sugar lures in the cockroach while the boric acid kills the cockroaches. This will also help your home to not get any cockroach infestation even in the future.



Throw in some soapy water at your cockroach if you do not want to spray it with pesticide. The soap water suffocates the cockroaches and kills them. Apart from this, counter-bought pesticides also when sprayed into the cracks and holes, kills the cockroaches right away. Cockroaches are creep-crawlies and deserve no mercy as they often can cause skin rashes and other diseases if not treated properly.



It is always better to keep your place cool. Scientists have found out in their study that cockroaches infest warm and hot places as it is better for them to lay eggs and breed. This is why one should find ways to cool down your house right away. With a cooler home, cockroaches can be kept away.


Cockroaches in our house, often known as german cockroaches are very difficult to eliminate from our house. Scientists have also deduced that it might be harder to eliminate cockroaches even during a nuclear explosion. With these few steps, one can surely try eliminating cockroaches from their sweet homes. The next time to see a cockroach hit them with your sandal.

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