Activities That Actually Helps In Long Distance Relationship

A relationship is all about proximity, love, intimacy, and togetherness. But the unfortunate reality of modern life is the mobility resulting in the creation of a geographical gap between you and your partner. This distance is generally considered as relationship killer, and perception isn’t totally wrong.

Long Distance Relationship

You love your partner more than anything else and you always want to remain together. But duties, responsibilities, and challenges create a situation where one needs to move away for a short or longer period of time. So, what to do and what not to do while you are in a long-distance relationship? The only key to having a healthy long-distance relationship is healthy communication, once you miss to maintain it and the distance will start killing your relationship. The most important element for the long-distance relationship activities is the feeling of intimacy and closeness. Tools, methods, technologies might vary but the core is to have healthy intimate communication so that you could fill his absence with love and expectation.

It tough for anyone to be in long-distance relationships, but it has its own surprises. Keep your relationship alive and vibrant with a blend of long-distance relationship activities. Here are some time tested tips to build a healthy relationship in long-distance:


– Communication Balance

Communication is the key to the long-distance relationship, but you have to understand its limitations also. Don’t overdo it as it might create a sense of repulsion. Just maintain a healthy exchange of information as we do on a daily basis. You should not sound possessive. Bring in an element of regular touch via some messaging app and video calling as this makes a big difference.

– Perceptional Difference

It is rightly said you understand the value of proximity only when you know the pain of distance. So, take this as a learning opportunity to explore those aspects of the relationship that remains unexplored.

– Expectation Balance

It is always great to have defined set of expectation while in a long-distance relationship. Although sounds little impractical, but it has several advantages. Be open and share all the possible things that need unnecessary explanations.

– Be Creative

This is what makes all the difference as you have to fill the gap by your creative inputs. You know each other’s interest to play the game accordingly. No need to do out of the box, as this could invite reaction. Add elements of fun like jokes; video calls, etc so that vibrancy remains intact.

– Talk Dirty

The biggest challenge of a long-distance relationship is a lack of intimate physical moments. So, try to keep that factor alive by bringing some lever of dirty talks as this helps satiate the emotional urge.

– Avoid Danger

No one is perfect and you have to accept your partner with some imperfections. Leave a room of freedom and respect so that one must not feel suffocated. Avoid doing things that might irk your partner.


That is not all; there are several other things you can do to build healthy communication using your creative mind. Some very common things that several people do is they do things together, do similar things and most importantly stay honest with each other. If it falls it falls really fast, so avoid anything that could break the cord. Stay positive as this is just a temporary phase; enjoy it as this is also a different kind of experience.

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