Top 3 Benefits Of Isotonic Exercises You Must Know!

We have all secretly wished to start exercising and have a proper diet plan. This is mostly because we are either too tired of our body weight or we secretly want to move towards a healthier lifestyle. Exercise of any kind, even brisk walking, has the ability to change your life in many ways. Not only weight loss but also it can make you happier as a person. A very new form of exercise that has unwrapped in modern-day and times, the isotonic exercise, focuses on muscular growth and fitness and works on the neck, shoulders and calf muscles in general. The word ­­‘isotonic’ is derived from the Greek words ‘iso’ meaning equal and ‘tonos’ meaning tone.

isotonic exercises

Here are the benefits of isotonic exercises that one can practice:

The Resistance:

Isotonic exercise examples include neck stretches to profound thigh gaps. Most isotonic exercises function on the key of resistance. Isotonic exercises have two key training skills, one of them are concentric training and the other one is known as eccentric muscle concentration. This mostly means that isotonic exercises work with weight lifting. Concentric training focuses on moving weights upwards, whilst eccentric contraction focuses on the muscles pushing weight downwards along with the gravity. This act of resistance including contraction and relaxation helps the muscles in the body get toned. It curbs the extra fat in the body and gives the body shape.

Cardiovascular health:

As easy as it may sound, contracting and relaxing muscles, it requires a lot of energy and burns a high amount of calories in the body. This is why it is one of the best ways to bring down fat and helps you give a toned shape. It also a great cardio exercise and inherently takes good care of your cardiovascular health. The isotonic exercise examples including push-ups, sit-ups, bicep curls, Russian twist and so on provide more blood to flow to your heart. It not only builds muscle endurance but also makes your heart stronger and healthier.


While counting breaths and meditative breathing is a hugely referred exercise for passivating anxiety, cardiovascular exercises like isotonic exercise not only makes you fit but cures anxiety. With the huge amount of effort into exercising, a lot of serotonin and oxytocin is secreted in your brain that makes you relatively happier than others. Anxiety comes in various forms but is mostly a lack of serotonin in your brain. It often leads to greater diseases like depression. The isotonic exercise produces natural painkillers in the brain and helps you have a better sleep cycle.


Exercise of any kind is extremely beneficial to the human body. In the age of phubbing and lounging, the human body is in need of proper exercise. Without exercise, the body is prone to develop more diseases. Having a routine and bringing out time to exercise is often difficult in the busy world. One could hire a trainer or check out isotonic exercise examples online to start with their spree of healthy living right away.

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