Best Tips On How To Handle Relationship With A Narcissist?

Humans are conditioned by evolution to build a relationship for re-creation and coexistence. A relationship is all about understanding each other’s need and fulfilling of these needs with total trust and dedication. However, this world isn’t that perfect as definitions are. Several prejudices born out of a socio-eco-cultural conditioning and sometime genetic factors come into play when it comes to building a relationship. These prejudices create intolerable situations of make or break, resulting into a stressful period of ending a relationship. One of those situations arises when your partner is narcissist making it extremely difficult to carry it forward.  But how to identify a narcissist and what a narcissist does at the end of a relationship?

Identifying A Narcissist

It is a tough call to end any relationship, especially when it is neither about a physical relationship, nor about other factors like financial stress but the mental issues related to a narcissist behavior. Your partner may be seeking excessive admiration and constant attention, but on the other hand least concerned about your need and feelings then you are living with a narcissist. If your partner thinks he is better than everyone else and expects similar treatment, then your partner is a narcissist. If your partner can’t tolerate criticism, but finds pleasure in insulting others, then your partner is a narcissist. The person in your life is suffering from narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) so be careful as s/he may one day simply end the relationship without any accountability.


Identifying A Narcissist

Based on inputs from thousands of NPD cases, these are some common traits that you need to notice;

  • Superiority complex and sense of entitlement
  • Almost zero empathy
  • Loves to control and manipulate situations for gratification
  • Loves unconditional admiration
  • Self centric with no care for others’ need
  • Aggressive behavior from non-fulfillment of desires
  • Hates feedback and comments with zero acceptance rate

Narcissist At End Of Relationship

Since it is kind of behavioral disorder, it is almost impossible to judge what a narcissist does at the end of a relationship. The next possible move could be as they love uncertainty, not because of insecurity of self, but in pleasure of others’ not knowing about uncertainty.  For people suffering from NPD, it moves from excessive control to aggression and violence and if there is some powerful resistance in terms non-acceptability of authority, then the person takes the extreme step of self harm and ultimately to suicide. It is not just about you, as you might identify traits and say him goodbye at the right moment, but he will find someone else and try to repeat that again until he finds the way to be no-existent.


It has been observed that these people are highly creative in manipulation tricks to find a way out of situation until there is a favorable situation here he could exploit it. So, don’t fall in the trap of emotional manipulation and find a way out. Tough call, but these NPD symptoms strengthens with acceptance, the more you will accept it the more demanding the person will be. It is a never ending process of one way compromises.  Get in touch with your psychologist so that he could guide you the way forward depending on your socio-economic and family conditions, but human liberty in terms of thinking, thought, and speech is ultimate; never compromise with it just because someone is a NPD.

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