Best Ways To Find People On Spotify

Spotify, the music streaming major with over 232 million monthly active users, is harmony in the making. Here you not just discover, search and listen music of your choice, but share your own playlist with your social network friends. With over 108 million paying subscriber Spotify is now a major music platform where you have access to millions of songs and podcasts for free. Perfect, but how to find people on Spotify?


One of major features of the streaming platform is following your friends and share music with them via platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and Instagram, etc. But people find it difficult to find friends on Spotify, especially if s/he is not there on Facebook or not in your close network of friends on Facebook. This task is challenging, but not impossible. Let us learn how to find people on Spotify?

Learn to Find People on Spotify in Steps

You and enhance your music experience if you share your playlist with your friends or vice versa. There are two likely cases to finding friends one is through Facebook and others without a Facebook account.

– Through Facebook

It is pretty easy to find a Facebook friend and follow them on Spotify. Here are simple steps to do it easily;

  • First of all, log in to Spotify and click the “Follow” tab. This will show 6 of your friends from Facebook network who are using Spotify.
  • Next, if you are looking for someone specific, click the search-box of Spotify and type your friend’s name. The algorithm will find your friend if s/he is there on Spotify and in your Facebook network. You will see the name in the ‘User’ list in the search results.
  • If you are on desktop, then click “Find Friends” at the right-hand column of the screen.
  • Once you log in using your Facebook account, the system will fetch your friends list from there and show if they are on Spotify. You can follow them from there.
  • Just click the “follow” button and here you go


– Without Facebook Account

If you want to add on a Facebook friend the best possible way to do so is through the Spotify username. But this is possible only when you are in touch with your friend.

  • Another method to find is to try searching Spotify “username” which is normally created while logging in via Facebook. Take parallel channel help for knowing the username by going to the account section. Once you have the username do try this “Spotify:user:USERNAME”
  • Another easy way to do so is by asking your friend to share the playlist. The list will come with username. You can follow him there onwards.
  • But be careful while typing username as this is case sensitive.
  • All you have to do is click “follow” tab and you are connected to your friend.

Now you know how to find people on Spotify in simple easy steps. Explore the world of music with your friends and share the joy.

How To Change The Font Size On Direct TV? Complete Guide Step-By-Step 

DirecTV, owned and operated by AT&T, has entered its 25th year of successful operation serving millions of customers by providing entertaining content uninterrupted since 1994. California based direct broadcast satellite service provider is known for creative ways to present content to millions of active users on a daily basis. With the addition of internet streaming service, DirectTV is now one of the most favorite affordable options to access digital contents. Over 24 million subscribers this is one of the most trusted direct broadcast service in the American continent.


The vast subscriber base will definitely face problem or the others, but thanks to the very responsive customer service all problems are resolved in just a few steps. One such problem that is bothering several regular users is the font size of the direct TV guide. People are finding it difficult to read and accordingly searching how to change the font size on Direct TV guide? 

DirectTV rolled out software updates for its new Genie menus as several users complained about font size. Although changes were very subtle in nature, when people face difficulty in reading menu items it is a big issue, especially when screen size variation is a big challenge for programmers to solve.

How to Change Font Size in DirectTV Guide

The flood of query regarding font size control across platforms and the slow response from the organization made it a big issue. So is there any way to change the font size on direct TV guide? Unfortunately, there is no clear cut answer for the query. Since you have built a habit of absolute control over your Smartphone in terms of font, you expect it everywhere. However, you very knowingly ignore the distance factor of your TV screen.

  • The tech guys at AT&T are fully trained and equipped to handle all your problems and enhance your content viewing experience. Your query about how to change the font size on direct TV guide reached to the concerned people and that are releasing updates to resolve font-related issues.
  • Frankly, I would like to have custom control option at my end so that I could adjust according to my choice. But it is limitation of technology that is problematic. The previous update was almost perfect for mid-sized size screens. But changes attracted a flood of reactions in terms of readability.
  • As said, this direct to home satellite broadcast service id different from your mobile service as it delivers content in defined set tech limitations of device you have. So universality factor is a missing element.
  • The team of AT&T is at work to support the older hardware as well as the newer versions. Tech as old as 2012 still in operation, so either way it is going to be a compromise at some level.
  • As the tech moves forward, the new generation gets faster processors and additional memory, so it is challenging to support the old variants.

Your satellite TV service is a bit complex as compared to the mobile tech. The team is in action and ready to resolve all possible issues, whether it is as minor as font size and as major as custom menu,  but is all about feasibility and tech advancement and adaptation. So, wait for a while and enjoy the broadcast.