Best Tips On How To Handle Relationship With A Narcissist?

Humans are conditioned by evolution to build a relationship for re-creation and coexistence. A relationship is all about understanding each other’s need and fulfilling of these needs with total trust and dedication. However, this world isn’t that perfect as definitions are. Several prejudices born out of a socio-eco-cultural conditioning and sometime genetic factors come into play when it comes to building a relationship. These prejudices create intolerable situations of make or break, resulting into a stressful period of ending a relationship. One of those situations arises when your partner is narcissist making it extremely difficult to carry it forward.  But how to identify a narcissist and what a narcissist does at the end of a relationship?

Identifying A Narcissist

It is a tough call to end any relationship, especially when it is neither about a physical relationship, nor about other factors like financial stress but the mental issues related to a narcissist behavior. Your partner may be seeking excessive admiration and constant attention, but on the other hand least concerned about your need and feelings then you are living with a narcissist. If your partner thinks he is better than everyone else and expects similar treatment, then your partner is a narcissist. If your partner can’t tolerate criticism, but finds pleasure in insulting others, then your partner is a narcissist. The person in your life is suffering from narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) so be careful as s/he may one day simply end the relationship without any accountability.


Identifying A Narcissist

Based on inputs from thousands of NPD cases, these are some common traits that you need to notice;

  • Superiority complex and sense of entitlement
  • Almost zero empathy
  • Loves to control and manipulate situations for gratification
  • Loves unconditional admiration
  • Self centric with no care for others’ need
  • Aggressive behavior from non-fulfillment of desires
  • Hates feedback and comments with zero acceptance rate

Narcissist At End Of Relationship

Since it is kind of behavioral disorder, it is almost impossible to judge what a narcissist does at the end of a relationship. The next possible move could be as they love uncertainty, not because of insecurity of self, but in pleasure of others’ not knowing about uncertainty.  For people suffering from NPD, it moves from excessive control to aggression and violence and if there is some powerful resistance in terms non-acceptability of authority, then the person takes the extreme step of self harm and ultimately to suicide. It is not just about you, as you might identify traits and say him goodbye at the right moment, but he will find someone else and try to repeat that again until he finds the way to be no-existent.


It has been observed that these people are highly creative in manipulation tricks to find a way out of situation until there is a favorable situation here he could exploit it. So, don’t fall in the trap of emotional manipulation and find a way out. Tough call, but these NPD symptoms strengthens with acceptance, the more you will accept it the more demanding the person will be. It is a never ending process of one way compromises.  Get in touch with your psychologist so that he could guide you the way forward depending on your socio-economic and family conditions, but human liberty in terms of thinking, thought, and speech is ultimate; never compromise with it just because someone is a NPD.

Activities That Actually Helps In Long Distance Relationship

A relationship is all about proximity, love, intimacy, and togetherness. But the unfortunate reality of modern life is the mobility resulting in the creation of a geographical gap between you and your partner. This distance is generally considered as relationship killer, and perception isn’t totally wrong.

Long Distance Relationship

You love your partner more than anything else and you always want to remain together. But duties, responsibilities, and challenges create a situation where one needs to move away for a short or longer period of time. So, what to do and what not to do while you are in a long-distance relationship? The only key to having a healthy long-distance relationship is healthy communication, once you miss to maintain it and the distance will start killing your relationship. The most important element for the long-distance relationship activities is the feeling of intimacy and closeness. Tools, methods, technologies might vary but the core is to have healthy intimate communication so that you could fill his absence with love and expectation.

It tough for anyone to be in long-distance relationships, but it has its own surprises. Keep your relationship alive and vibrant with a blend of long-distance relationship activities. Here are some time tested tips to build a healthy relationship in long-distance:


– Communication Balance

Communication is the key to the long-distance relationship, but you have to understand its limitations also. Don’t overdo it as it might create a sense of repulsion. Just maintain a healthy exchange of information as we do on a daily basis. You should not sound possessive. Bring in an element of regular touch via some messaging app and video calling as this makes a big difference.

– Perceptional Difference

It is rightly said you understand the value of proximity only when you know the pain of distance. So, take this as a learning opportunity to explore those aspects of the relationship that remains unexplored.

– Expectation Balance

It is always great to have defined set of expectation while in a long-distance relationship. Although sounds little impractical, but it has several advantages. Be open and share all the possible things that need unnecessary explanations.

– Be Creative

This is what makes all the difference as you have to fill the gap by your creative inputs. You know each other’s interest to play the game accordingly. No need to do out of the box, as this could invite reaction. Add elements of fun like jokes; video calls, etc so that vibrancy remains intact.

– Talk Dirty

The biggest challenge of a long-distance relationship is a lack of intimate physical moments. So, try to keep that factor alive by bringing some lever of dirty talks as this helps satiate the emotional urge.

– Avoid Danger

No one is perfect and you have to accept your partner with some imperfections. Leave a room of freedom and respect so that one must not feel suffocated. Avoid doing things that might irk your partner.


That is not all; there are several other things you can do to build healthy communication using your creative mind. Some very common things that several people do is they do things together, do similar things and most importantly stay honest with each other. If it falls it falls really fast, so avoid anything that could break the cord. Stay positive as this is just a temporary phase; enjoy it as this is also a different kind of experience.

Top 3 Benefits Of Isotonic Exercises You Must Know!

We have all secretly wished to start exercising and have a proper diet plan. This is mostly because we are either too tired of our body weight or we secretly want to move towards a healthier lifestyle. Exercise of any kind, even brisk walking, has the ability to change your life in many ways. Not only weight loss but also it can make you happier as a person. A very new form of exercise that has unwrapped in modern-day and times, the isotonic exercise, focuses on muscular growth and fitness and works on the neck, shoulders and calf muscles in general. The word ­­‘isotonic’ is derived from the Greek words ‘iso’ meaning equal and ‘tonos’ meaning tone.

isotonic exercises

Here are the benefits of isotonic exercises that one can practice:

The Resistance:

Isotonic exercise examples include neck stretches to profound thigh gaps. Most isotonic exercises function on the key of resistance. Isotonic exercises have two key training skills, one of them are concentric training and the other one is known as eccentric muscle concentration. This mostly means that isotonic exercises work with weight lifting. Concentric training focuses on moving weights upwards, whilst eccentric contraction focuses on the muscles pushing weight downwards along with the gravity. This act of resistance including contraction and relaxation helps the muscles in the body get toned. It curbs the extra fat in the body and gives the body shape.

Cardiovascular health:

As easy as it may sound, contracting and relaxing muscles, it requires a lot of energy and burns a high amount of calories in the body. This is why it is one of the best ways to bring down fat and helps you give a toned shape. It also a great cardio exercise and inherently takes good care of your cardiovascular health. The isotonic exercise examples including push-ups, sit-ups, bicep curls, Russian twist and so on provide more blood to flow to your heart. It not only builds muscle endurance but also makes your heart stronger and healthier.


While counting breaths and meditative breathing is a hugely referred exercise for passivating anxiety, cardiovascular exercises like isotonic exercise not only makes you fit but cures anxiety. With the huge amount of effort into exercising, a lot of serotonin and oxytocin is secreted in your brain that makes you relatively happier than others. Anxiety comes in various forms but is mostly a lack of serotonin in your brain. It often leads to greater diseases like depression. The isotonic exercise produces natural painkillers in the brain and helps you have a better sleep cycle.


Exercise of any kind is extremely beneficial to the human body. In the age of phubbing and lounging, the human body is in need of proper exercise. Without exercise, the body is prone to develop more diseases. Having a routine and bringing out time to exercise is often difficult in the busy world. One could hire a trainer or check out isotonic exercise examples online to start with their spree of healthy living right away.

How To Put A Dog To Sleep? Complete Guide

Our pooches are our best friend. They are a crucial part of our lives. It is almost that they are our children and are an integral part of our lives. Many times, dogs are suggested euthanasia by the vets when they are too old or are prone to death but are suffering in pain. No owner wants to see the pain of their dogs and often agree with them. Imagine the pain that you would feel to see your dog suffer. Here are some ways if you are thinking of how to put a dog to sleep home remedies:

how to put a dog to sleep

Problems with vet:

In most veterinary appointments for euthanasia, keeping yourself calm and going through the process of grief can be very difficult. Imagine you have been told today is the last day you see your dog, an eight-year-old friendship rests in peace today and yet, on the other hand, you have to constantly rush to pay for the procedures. Many times, in a veterinary clinic, you do not have time to say your last goodbye. One has to scurry so that you do not take someone else’s time. If you are wondering, how to put a dog to sleep home remedies, then it is a better choice. In the home, the dog is much calmer as he is around familiar people and a place so close to him. The dog would not have to go through either a car visit or run down the stairs and feel sicker than he is actually feeling.

A muzzle:

To give your dog a proper end, it is very necessary that you have a muzzle so that the dog cannot move in pain or clench his teeth with the medicines acting up.

Process after euthanasia:

One may also use valium to keep your dog calm before the procedure. Even though costlier, you need to call your vet to your house. One also has to take care of the crematorium processes which is a veterinary clinic would already be taken care of. If you are pondering on a more easy way on how to put your dog to sleep home remedies, then it is always advisable to have cremation and burial processes ready beforehand. It is often not possible to have initiated a process and then look for the help you need.

Regulating emotions:

It is always important to give yourself the time to feel the pain. What becomes a problem in a vet’s office is that you would not want to cry in front of strangers. At your home, give yourself the time to feel the sadness. It is also necessary for you to understand that your dog is being put to sleep at ease.


Either you brought him as a puppy or you rescued him from your shelter, he is your whole wide world. Therefore, watching them take their last breath in pain is often uncomfortable for the owner. There are euthanasia-appointments for dogs that take place at your vet’s. It can be really overwhelming to have a time and date set for your dog to take their last breath. Many owners prefer their dogs to close their eyes at their home. This is where he grew up, so he sure deserves to be put to sleep in a place that he called home.


How To Become A Pro Dog Walker?

A dog walker is a very important person for the families who love dogs, but due to their hectic schedule, they do not get the time to take proper care of their dog. Now, this also means that if you want to become a dog walker, then there are ample opportunities for you. It is just that, one needs to focus on certain things. The things or points that should be kept in focus are listed below.

Love dogs

This is the very basic, yet the most important thing that you need to understand about the process of becoming a dog walker. This is not important only if you want to become a dog walker, but any job that you do is dependent on the way you love it. Here, all the things that you are going to do are directly related to the dogs. So, you need to love them. This will even help you in knowing the good and bad about them. Always keep one thing in mind that a dog easily understands that who is a dog and who is a nondog person. So if you are not a dog person, your connection with the dog won’t be smooth and it will ultimately affect your job.

Walk your neighbor’s pet

Before you start your career in it and take your steps to become a dog walker, you should start practicing. Well, the best way in which you could do your practice is by waking your neighbour’s pet, if they have any. This will give you the exact feeling of a dog walker. Like your client’s dog, this too would be new and a stranger for you and you will get enough time to understand about dogs in general.

Know your city

Before you move your steps forward in this direction, you need to know your city in this regard. Now, by knowing your city we mean that you should know all the rules and regulations related to dogs of the city in which you are living. Apart from that, it is also important to know the parks and hideaway spots. Basically, you should first research the things that are related to this job and dogs and try to gather information about that in your city. This will make your job easy.

Get yourself a certificate

If you really want to work in this field, you need to work smartly. Now that you have decided to work in this field only, it would be good to have proper certification in this regard. There are a lot of institutions that provide you classes for it. You could get enrolled in one of them and then could get you a certificate. The certificate will not only enhance your knowledge of this field but also will help you in getting good jobs.

Becoming a dog walker is easy, only if you love dogs. However, all the points mentioned above, together makes you the ideal one.