Home Remedies Tips On How To Get Rid Of The Drain Flies

Whether you have moved into a new house or you live in your old house, the sewage system of the United States has led to the Sewage Crisis in the country. A study brought forward by demographic tallies helps us understand the U.S Sewage crisis. About 20% of the citizens in America has knowledge in the maintenance of their sewage whilst the others are in a total state of despair and ignorance. With the problem at hand, our next best guess is those drain flies. Open sewage system and open drains in your bathroom are the breeding ground of maggots and flies. Spending hundreds and dollars on pesticide each year can bring you disgust. So here are tips on how to get rid of the drain flies home remedies that are easy:

drain flies


We all know the multi-functional uses of Vinegar which is used to condition hair, remove your long cuticles and even help treat a wound in the body. Vinegar is a great remedy to doing away with flies if you’re wondering how to get rid of the drain flies home remedies for your house. One can pour apple cider vinegar to the glass in ¼ cup of the quantity and keep it covered in a plastic wrap with holes poked into it. The cup could be placed right near the drain to kill flies immediately. Flies would drown into the jar or cup of apple cider vinegar after getting attracted to it. It is a perfect solution to remove flies from your drain without the use of coarse chemicals.

Deep clean:

Cleanliness is the key and we all know we literally mess up sometimes. Often organic ingredients in our food when washed away stick to the body of the pipes which become a host for the drain flies. With older pipes, this is a reality. Therefore, be sure to bring in a plumber and clean your pipes once every six months. It is inexpensive and will keep drain flies off your kitchen or washroom. You can also yourself wash your pipes thoroughly with a metal pipe brush.

Boiling water:

As your pipes can have organic ingredients all over them which can attract the drain flies, one easy and an intermediary way to clean your pipes is to have boiling water pushed down the drain. Boiling water has the ability to kill the germs and clean the materials from the body of your pipe in no time. For added advantage, one can also add baking soda to the boiling water.


Flies are a hazardous condition to your home. They are the harbinger of many diseases from the septic tank.  The flies carry the germs from the sewage and garbages in your vicinity and can infect the people in your house. Apart from these procedures there are also drain gels that one can find in the local hardware stores any time. This can be an effective guide to cleaning your home if you are wondering how to get rid of the drain flies home remedies. With children in your home, you are more prone to be at risk from these flies. It is always good to remember that a tidy home is a happy home.

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