How To Put A Dog To Sleep? Complete Guide

Our pooches are our best friend. They are a crucial part of our lives. It is almost that they are our children and are an integral part of our lives. Many times, dogs are suggested euthanasia by the vets when they are too old or are prone to death but are suffering in pain. No owner wants to see the pain of their dogs and often agree with them. Imagine the pain that you would feel to see your dog suffer. Here are some ways if you are thinking of how to put a dog to sleep home remedies:

how to put a dog to sleep

Problems with vet:

In most veterinary appointments for euthanasia, keeping yourself calm and going through the process of grief can be very difficult. Imagine you have been told today is the last day you see your dog, an eight-year-old friendship rests in peace today and yet, on the other hand, you have to constantly rush to pay for the procedures. Many times, in a veterinary clinic, you do not have time to say your last goodbye. One has to scurry so that you do not take someone else’s time. If you are wondering, how to put a dog to sleep home remedies, then it is a better choice. In the home, the dog is much calmer as he is around familiar people and a place so close to him. The dog would not have to go through either a car visit or run down the stairs and feel sicker than he is actually feeling.

A muzzle:

To give your dog a proper end, it is very necessary that you have a muzzle so that the dog cannot move in pain or clench his teeth with the medicines acting up.

Process after euthanasia:

One may also use valium to keep your dog calm before the procedure. Even though costlier, you need to call your vet to your house. One also has to take care of the crematorium processes which is a veterinary clinic would already be taken care of. If you are pondering on a more easy way on how to put your dog to sleep home remedies, then it is always advisable to have cremation and burial processes ready beforehand. It is often not possible to have initiated a process and then look for the help you need.

Regulating emotions:

It is always important to give yourself the time to feel the pain. What becomes a problem in a vet’s office is that you would not want to cry in front of strangers. At your home, give yourself the time to feel the sadness. It is also necessary for you to understand that your dog is being put to sleep at ease.


Either you brought him as a puppy or you rescued him from your shelter, he is your whole wide world. Therefore, watching them take their last breath in pain is often uncomfortable for the owner. There are euthanasia-appointments for dogs that take place at your vet’s. It can be really overwhelming to have a time and date set for your dog to take their last breath. Many owners prefer their dogs to close their eyes at their home. This is where he grew up, so he sure deserves to be put to sleep in a place that he called home.


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