Things to Consider Before You Apply For Twitch Partnership

Twitch, the Amazon-owned live streaming video platform, is one of the most popular destinations for those who love video game live streaming. Starting in 2011, the platform crossed the 100 million monthly active user mark in 2015 with 1.5 million partner broadcasters and currently has over 2.2 million broadcasters and 15 million daily active users. Twitch currently has over 27,000 partner channels. Twitch partners are earning handsome dollars that too by sharing their passion-driven content for a larger audience. So, how to get partnered on twitch?


Starting from the video game live streaming, the content basket was expanded to cover broadcasts of eSports competitions, music broadcasts, creative content, and ‘in real life’ streams. You know your passion and how to create good quality videos; you are just a step away from reaching millions of people who love to watch well-curated content live. Here are some of the tips to get partnered on twitch.

If you are committed to streaming then Twitch Partnership program is for you. As a creative mind, you create quality content to share it with millions of likeminded live people. If you are a regular content producer and have a sizeable fan club with good engagement quotient then you can definitely be a twitch partner.

Apart from the basic minimum qualification criteria of average regular viewership of over 500, broadcast schedule of at least thrice a week and of course the terms and condition along with guideline compliance you have to be very unique in a content generation as the final call to grant partner status is with the platform. Here are some of the common points to answer how to get partnered on twitch.

Realistic Guide on How to Get Partnered on Twitch


  • It is all About Size

Ultimately, it is an algorithm that decides your status and then manual verifications happen. Your partnership chances depend on channel size growth and engagement. So mobilize your resources to increase the size to get noticed by the algorithm.

  • Play to your strength and play only those types of game that mass likes to watch. Prior to your partnership application, it is necessary to build the tempo of growth and maintain consistency.
  • Engage with peers and build your own community so that you get the desired brand presence. Spare some time chat, active on social media and help others in building the community.
  • You have to be very proactive in helping and seeking help and let others know that you are in the process of getting a partnership. Don’t ask for out of turn favors, but keep them aware about your channel so that they could tune in and lend some support.


  • Content is King

Nothing will work if the quality and content are not worthy enough to watch. You have to work hard on that first impression, without crossing the overdose limit.

  • Your channel should speak about own identity, the quality and the depth of the content. Your viewer must get the clue what your channel is all about. It should have a trigger element to create curiosity to watch.
  • Build your community on commonality factor and keep on igniting the passion so that excitement factor remains alive. Engage with your community as this attracts new viewers by word of mouth.

Take it seriously before pitching investors to get multi-million dollar funding for your start-up. So, you need to elaborate about your product, the market fit and the scope of scale. If you answer these questions smartly along with the sizeable number and context quality there is no reason to not get partnered on twitch. This is all about perfect pitch.

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